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We help candidates excel on the Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA®) Program’s exams.

We believe in the value of the CFA charter and know it is the gold standard for finance credentials in the marketplace today. We also know how difficult it is to pass the CFA Program’s exams. Our classes help ambitious CFA candidates get the highest ROI on their study time so they can complete the exams as quickly, painlessly and confidently as possible.

Calgary Financial Analysts Academy was founded by capital markets professionals who have prior experience teaching the CFA Program. Many exam prep courses are taught by individuals who have not yet earned the CFA charter and/or aren’t capital markets professionals or financiers. We believe that to most effectively teach the CFA Program you must have experienced what the candidates are going through, have a passion for teaching, be a life-long learner and work every day in the complex and ever evolving world of the capital markets.

We are CFA charterholders and active capital markets professionals.

We are instructors and investors.

We practice what we teach. Every day.





Calgary Financial Analysts Academy’s classes are taught solely by active capital markets professionals who are also CFA charterholders and have MBA degrees with specializations in Finance from leading business schools. No other exam prep provider in Canada can presently make that claim.

Travis Callaway, CFA

Travis is a former buy-side equity research analyst, private equity/venture capital analyst and corporate finance advisor to multiple startups, and he has taught Level III of the CFA Program. He currently serves as Managing Director, Private Equity for a real estate and alternative asset class investment firm where he manages a variety of investments. He guides corporate finance initiatives, sources and assesses investment opportunities, oversees due diligence, holds directorships with multiple investee firms and manages relationships with co-investors, fund managers and management teams.

Travis earned the CFA charter in the shortest amount of time possible after passing each exam on the first attempt. Travis also holds a BA in Law & Society from the University of Calgary and graduated at the top of his class with an MBA in Finance awarded with distinction from Durham University Business School in England.

Travis is a native Calgarian and enjoys various fitness endeavors including obstacle course races and half-marathons, traveling in Europe and watching Tottenham Hotspur FC soccer matches. 

Alexander Baker, CFA

Alexander is a former investment banker, governmental policy analyst and investment fund analyst, and he has taught Level II of the CFA Program. He currently serves as an Associate at a national law firm where he has a corporate commercial law practice focusing on mergers and acquisitions, private equity, corporate finance and securities law matters. He assists clients in the execution of various corporate finance and alternative asset class transactions, which involves drafting transaction documents, completing buy-side and sell-side due diligence and managing transaction completion processes.

Alexander earned the CFA charter as the latest in an impressive list of qualifications. Alexander also holds an HBA in Economics from McMaster University, an MA in Business Economics from Wilfrid Laurier University, an MBA in Finance from the Schulich School of Business and a JD from Osgoode Hall Law School.

Alexander is a native Ontarian and enjoys being outdoors and far away from downtown Calgary, playing guitar and participating in any sport except ultimate frisbee. 

What people say about our teaching!

“Travis was monumental in helping me prepare for my CFA Level III exam. His extensive knowledge of the syllabus, real world examples and studying/test taking strategies were instrumental in helping me pass the exam. His role as a mentor, motivator and always going above and beyond was huge in my success….”

-Usman A.
Investment analyst

“I had the esteemed pleasure of having Alex teach me the Level II curriculum leading up to the exam last spring. He does a great job deciphering and connecting difficult concepts to real world examples. Alex is approachable and easy to learn from. Anyone looking for an edge… would be fortunate to have his insights.”

-Richard S.
Former mutual fund wholesaler, current MBA student

“Travis brings an intense and positive attitude to the classroom, making studying long hours more enjoyable. Prepared with real-world examples, Travis was always ready to discuss topics, share what worked (and didn’t) for him, and overall made the experience enjoyable with a practical and pragmatic approach. I’d recommend Travis to anyone studying for the level III exam.“

-Matthew L.
Private investor and consultant

“Alex is a well educated and intelligent person. He understands the complexity of the CFA Program and was always willing to help one on one for those who needed extra assistance.”

-Hilina M.
Treasury analyst

“I wouldn’t have passed without [Travis’s] help!”

-John G.
Equity research associate

“Alex Baker… is a phenomenal problem solver, teacher, and mentor. Last year I had the pleasure of attending his Level 2 CFA prep course. Alex was able to give a complete and concise answer to all of my questions, often drawing on his years of practical professional experience. He is a very articulate and entertaining public speaker and he is truly at home in front of a crowd…. Alex's classes provide an entertaining and fulfilling way to maneuver through the arduous terrain that is the CFA curriculum.”

-Jordan W.
Former wholesale banker and finance teacher

“I really enjoyed being taught the CFA Level III curriculum by Travis. His teaching style is straightforward and pragmatic and he was very supportive and patient with students in class. Thanks to Travis’ organization and preparation, we were able to make the most out of the class time provided.”

-Jessica A.
Investment banking analyst

“Alex brought an excellent mix of academic acumen, real world experience, and CFA course understanding to the sessions. The lessons extended into real world examples that helped convert concepts into lasting knowledge, and most important… a pass on level 2.”

-Josh C.
Senior manager of special loans and advisory services


Our CFA Exam Prep Courses

Our courses provide a framework to prepare for the CFA Program’s exams designed to keep candidates moving through the curriculum as efficiently as possible while offering a forum to discuss areas where they need help. We consciously foster an environment where individuals can feel comfortable openly discussing the parts of the curriculum they find challenging.

Courses are delivered in the same intensive “block taught” format as most Executive MBA programs and are taught over 2 weekends spaced 9 weeks apart. Candidates thus have sufficient time for independent study between each weekend of class and ample time after the course ends for review before exam day.

Lectures are delivered in a highly efficient and practical manner and for a majority of exam topics there will be two instructors in the classroom. Concise presentations designed to complement the official CFA curriculum and minimize the amount of reading candidates must do on their own time will be provided for each class one week in advance.

CFA Level II Course

CFA Level III Course

price: $1,150 PLUS GST



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